We at snōclub want all Canadians to get outside and play. We hope that in the process, everyone will gain just a little more appreciation for what Canada has to offer.

Outdoor gear (particularly ski and snowboard gear) has become quite expensive over recent years. The initial investment to get involved with skiing or snowboarding is often cost-prohibitive, so we at snōclub decided to make it a little more affordable.

That’s why we’ve decided to create affordable and functional ski, snowboard and outdoor gear. And we do so with a style that is iconically Canadian. snōclub gear is designed by Canadians, for Canadians.

We’ve chosen to start with ski and snowboard gear, and will be expanding our lineup in the future to include more products for year-‘round adventure.

Our Mission

To create iconic, functional and affordable gear for

skiing and snowboarding, and to do so

in a sustainable and responsible


Who We Are

We are a group of Canadian skiers, snowboarders

and outdoor adventurers. The

Canadian Rockies are

our playground.

How Are We Different?

Our products are all designed to meet or exceed the quality and specifications of similar, higher-priced gear from more

established ski and snowboard brands. What’s more, we donate a portion of all gear sales proceeds to Canadian and North

American initiatives for nature conservancy and environmental sustainability. We do this because we want our

grandchildren to still be able to appreciate what Canada has to offer, and not lose our natural beauty and landscapes.


Brian Woytowich


I started snōclub Canadian Outdoor Adventure Gear because I wanted to make the outdoors more accessible for Canadians. I had become frustrated by the exorbitant costs associated with outdoor gear. I found that these costs often deterred people from becoming more involved in outdoor pursuits, whether it was skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, canoeing, backpacking, or any manner of outdoor adventuring and exploration.

I myself love the outdoors. I ski and snowboard (yes, both) in the winter, and I hike, canoe and go on many wilderness camping and mountain biking trips throughout the summer. I have explored much of Canada, yet find there is never a shortage of new places to see.

I have many friends and colleagues who have expressed an interest in trying out the above activities. Unfortunately, I found that it was difficult for some of my friends to pursue these activities, due largely to the barriers of having to purchase costly equipment, and also to a lack of knowledge about where to begin.

I thought, what if there were a brand that could provide affordable gear with high-end features, and help make the outdoors more accessible for people who want to try skiing, snowboarding, camping, or hiking? And what if it was a Canadian brand? What if we could take all that, and pre-package the gear into easy-to- use bundles that made learning a new skill so much easier?

I wanted to come up with a solution that catered to individuals who were either new to outdoor adventuring (skiing, snowboarding, camping, backpacking, hiking, etc.) or who were already seasoned outdoor veterans looking for more affordable and versatile alternatives to their existing gear selection. So I created snōclub.

I wanted the brand to be uniquely and iconically Canadian, and I feel that I have achieved this. We have a unique opportunity as Canadians to have access to some of the most well-preserved and desirable landscapes in the world. I want more people to get outside and see what our wonderful country has to offer, firsthand.

A part of creating a truly Canadian brand has been exploring partnerships with nature conservancy and environmental sustainability initiatives that have a presence here in Canada. I will be updating our customers as we further develop these partnerships. I’m excited about what the future holds. I am always searching for new avenues to expand our product line, so more people can get outside and play.