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We currently ship to Canadian addresses only, but we will be expanding to ship certain products to more countries over the coming season. So stay tuned and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@snoclubcanada) to find out when we’ll be coming your way!

Send us an email at and we’d be happy to help you directly!

We are working to partner with local retailers across Canada (local ski and snowboard shops) to be able to sell our gear locally. We believe in supporting local ski, snowboard, and outdoor gear shops. If you are a store owner/manager and interested in carrying our gear, please email us at

Since this is our first season, we are in preliminary partnership discussions with a couple Canadian and North American organizations. Since these discussions are preliminary, we are keeping the organizations under wraps until the end of our first selling season. Donation and partnership reports will be published at the end of the 2017/2018 Winter Season to give you a better idea of where the donation portion of our sales are going.