Environmental Partnerships

At snōclub, we’ve made the decision to partner with Canadian and North American initiatives for environmental sustainability and nature conservancy. Why have we done this? Because we truly feel this is the only way a business should be run: environmentally responsible from the start.


Our business model is one of accessibility, sustainability and responsibility, and we want the products we sell to reflect this. We believe that by helping Canadians get out into nature, as well as by giving back to Canadian initiatives, we can help increase appreciation for nature and the importance of sustainability.


We want to do our small part to help offset the negative environmental consequences inherent to any company, and become a model for future outdoor gear companies in Canada.


What’s more, we at snōclub want to ensure Canada’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations, so that our grandchildren can huck it off cliffs like we do, and venture out into snow-covered forests to explore the wilderness.

For inquiries regarding future partnerships, please contact us at info@snoclub.com