• 2017



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functional, versatile, and iconically Canadian ski and snowboard gear.

We make winter sports (ski, snowboard) gear that’s designed by Canadians, for Canadians. Because who knows more about winter and snow than us Canadians?

 Why did we start this company? We started snōclub because we know how expensive skiing and snowboarding can be. We wanted to create versatile, functional and iconically Canadian ski and snowboard gear at more affordable prices. Our gear meets or exceeds the quality and functionality of the highest-end gear from our competitors, for less than a third of the price.

 For the 2018 Winter Season, we are focusing on two core products: ski and snowboard travel bags, and ski and snowboard goggles.

 Our ski/snowboard goggles feature magnetic lens swap, interchangeable straps, and come standard with two lenses (including one for low-light conditions) and a hard case. No other company delivers this level of tech at such an affordable price. Anti-fog coating, scratch resistance, and snōmirror reflective lens tech mean that your vision will stay crystal clear throughout your ride!

The ski and snowboard travel bag is fully padded, length-adjustable, and comes with backpack straps (an industry first for ski bags!) to make transporting your gear so much easier! Durable 600 denier polyester outer with a soft sateen inner lining and robust padding in the middle mean your skis or snowboard will be safe and protected no matter where you go. You can fit up to two pairs of skis or one snowboard, plus poles, helmet, and tons of other gear. Then cinch it up and adjust the length to snug up the bag around your gear. No more floppy bags! Yay!

 What’s more? We are truly Canadian. For a country with so much snow and so many mountains, we were surprised there weren’t more Canadian ski and snowboard brands! We are truly among the first.

 At snōclub, we give back through partnerships with environmental sustainability initiatives. Why do we do this? Because we know that our resources are finite and that our climate is changing. We want our grandchildren to be able to get outside and play like we do. So we give back to Canadian and North American environmental sustainability and nature conservancy initiatives that make a real, positive impact in Canada.

So go outside and play! #jointheclub